What We DO

Save life society helping poor children- children are the future of the nation and if u treat the children in a good way,Providing them with all the necessary need of life as these children can change the future of the the nation .india is a country with a lot of population a big part of which cansists of the children and as a progressive nation,India need to take proper care of these children so that these children could grow up in such an enviroment which would drive them to work hard for there nation.the children form underprivilizd areas are the one who are mostly ingored in this regard and these areas.The save life society is an ngo thats is working for providing education shelter and food to these poor children who don't get it like the children whobelong to big cities.

Taking care of the needs-

These children not only need education but also food for them and their family so that they can concentrate properly on their studies.most of these poor children work all day just to provide proper meal to their families so the organization provide them and their families with free food and education the standard of any other educational institution in the country.there are special camps arrenged by the organization in different corners of the country where the government is unable to reach and the organization is working hard to provide help to as many people as it can.

Concerns of save life society-
  • The save life society is concerned about giving these poor children all the basic need of life.
  • The basic needs include food ,shelter education and health treatment.
  • In most of the underprivileged areas the government is unable to provide proper medical facilities so the organization take help form dr. And set up medical camp in different areas treating the people without charging them.
Child Labor-

The save life society is working to root out the child labor they are providing opportunities for child labor to get admissions in schools according to their age and knowledge .they are providing free study meterial to these children to support them in their studies.

Support a Life

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