About Save Life Society

To uplift bash health standards and ruler education of the rural mass particularly of scheduled casel scheduled tribes / Backward Classes / Weeker Section by providing free medical facilities and distribute medicine free of cost and organise free medical Cams, Promating small family norms and work for dangerous disease.

To establish, run and manage Colleges, Schools, Technical institutions, Coaching Centers, Technical vocational institutes, Teacher Training institutes, . Nursing Institution, to increase the knowledge and area of different section of the community.

To propagate, foster and develop a common Indian culture.

Formulation and implementation of Social Welfare Programmes regarding Multidirectional and Multidimensional Development of Indian Messes All the sections of the society shall be treated in one manner without any caste & Creche.

To propagate and formulate Adult, women, children formal & Non formal Education, Continuing Education & Literacy Programme in Rur and Urban Areas & run programmes of India including regional and tribal languages with providing constancy education and service to consumers about their and duties for this establish and run consumer guidance/ training centers, exhibition research and evaluation Farming.

To run Tratning Programmes of Men & Women in India by providing any type of Technical Education, Vocational Training, Computer Education and Typing Traditional Art & Craft, Skill Development of Beggars & Street children and their productive deployment and rehabilitation by special programin & training center.

To establish, promote, manage schools for class 1 to 12th standard, colleges, degree Colleges, law College institutions, libraries.

Promotion and prograss of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Bic- Technology, Bio Genetic Extension & Lab to land advancements made in life scient?s useful for the common mass

To undertake any type of project regarding Family Welfare, M C H.& R.0 H & Sex Labor Programme

To open for handicaps school, Blind school collage or any education institutes or formal, Non-formal, (including Yoga, Marshal Art, Vedic Sports) Technical education and Research and international agencies. To receive Grants, Donation and Charity from Central or State Govt Welfare Departments and different Ministries, Nationalized Bank, Insurance company/Group,/lndividual and any organization in India or Abroad and to take up any contract or business/company to raise the funds for the society foi- the fulfillment of the objectives of the Society. To manage the funds including all the activities necessary to run the society.

To estimate, promote of manage the medical & Engineering Institutes to category of students that help to manage a good society by preparing a good Doctors & Engineering To collect funds or debt from UP or Central Govt. given for manage the Societies and Institutes_ Under taking permission from All India Medical Council and All India Technical Education Council & State Authority.

Mobilization and Reproduction of Scheme for Environmental Conservation, Ecological concerns Population control, Sanitation, Safe Drinking (R&D), District of U-V and R-0 -kits) including installation and maintenance of hand pump and Plantation of Tree, Protection of Animals and wildlife including extinction of endangered species & to encourage formers for cultivation of medicinal plants, zatrofa, flowers and other such beneficial crops and arrange market for their crops and established bio-diesel production centers.

Any type Distribute the society manage the Allahabad High Court.

Any type Institutions opening in Allahabad and other place for progress our society. Survey Awareness, implementation & extension of projects and programmes for the prevention and control of the pollution, (Air, Water, Noise. Electro Magnetic or of any other type).

To Carry out R&D in pure Science, Applied Technologies, Socio Economy, Socio Polities historical, Geographical, cultural and treasure haunting. Establishment of Indian & International Schools of thought & Research Institutions.

To take up Projects and programmes of any type formal, non-formal, listed, unlisted, and from thrust area from State/Central Govt. or any other Indian or Foreign Agencies.

To establish centers for instruction in the composite culture on Indian and for the diffusion of useful knowledge of Indian art and culture in its different branches in the country.

Formulation and implementation of Social Welfare Programmes regarding Multidirectional and Multidimensional Development of Indian Messes. All the sections of the society shall be treated in one manner without any caste & Creche.

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  • Baby Puja
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  • Age : 2 Years
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